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Data Entry [dey-tuh en-tree]

noun: the mind-numbing, time consuming and error-prone process of replicating information trapped in source documents into core systems.

synonyms: ugh, yuck

Data entering transactional information such as: invoices, surveys and medical records is a necessary evil organizations endure in order to function. This being the case, why not make the process as painless as possible? Wouldn’t it be great if you could implement a solution that propogates transational data to your core systems in real time and without error? If you agree, you need Data Entry Bots.

Data Entry Bots

Data Entry Bots is a service that allows organizations to automate the data entry of source documents into core systems with little to no human intervention.

Total Control

The Data Entry Bots control panel allows you to: schedule jobs, monitor and manage queues, view processing bots and intervene and clear error conditions as they occur.

Flexible Deplyment Model

Data Entry Bots can be run either on your premises or in our Azure-based cloud. In either case, you can throttle the number of data entry bots to accomodate your work loads.

Pay As You Go

Flexible Pay As You Go pricing model based on documents and data processed.

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